A Boutique Executive Search Firm

Catering to

the Insurance Industry

Financial Institutions

and Related Organizations

As a small firm, we partner with our clients, taking the time necessary to really get to know them, their culture and overall goals. We bring to the table skills and resources that our clients may not possess or have the time to employ, that will enable them to attract, hire and retain the best people in the industry.


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Be Our Premier Candidate

Many recruiters look for candidates that fit the positions they are currently working on. When we work on behalf of a Premier Candidate, it is exactly the other way around.

 What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Working on behalf of candidates in this manner involves a lot of time and resources, therefore we are thorough in our selection process.  Our Premier Candidates are chosen based partly on their track record and motivation to move if the right opportunity is presented.  Equally important is their willingness to invest their time in partnering with us so that we may truly understand their skills and career objectives.

  • Targeted representation.
  • Warm invitations from companies that match your interests, skills and other career parameters.
  • Confidentiality; your identity will not be revealed unless you give your authorization.
  • Professional interview guidance and resume assistance.
  • There is never a fee to any of our candidates.

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About Us

We are a niche focused boutique Executive Search Firm specializing in C-Level and other Professional or Senior Management Recruiting.

We conduct both Contingency and Retained searches on a national level for Insurance Companies, Underwriters, Actuarial Firms, Consulting Firms, Financial Institutions and other related industry clients.

Because we are small firm, we can dedicate our time and resources to fewer clients – therefore offering more individualized and faster service, at rates typically lower than the “big” recruiting firms.

  • Award-Winning Recruiters

    With over twenty years of experience in the insurance and financial sectors, the members of our firm have been national billing leaders for some of the largest executive search firms across the globe.

  • Effective Search Process

    From thoroughly assessing a client’s unique needs to the interview and offer stage, and then effective follow through, time has proven our success lies in not wavering from our process.

  • Superior Technology and Resources

    We have invested heavily in several vast and costly resource tools that position us to compete with the larger recruiting firms while maintaining the feel of a much smaller organization offering a high level of personal service.


What you may have not previously considered when searching for the right candidate or opportunity.

Special Skills

Traditional recruiters are specifically trained to approach passive candidates confidentially, pique their interest and then evaluate them for their client’s position.



When compared to other low-cost hiring methods, a recruiter’s cost per hire is in many cases the same or lower, but more importantly, much more effective.



Good recruiters are experts in anonymity, as their business is built on trust.  They will never reveal a candidate’s identity to an employer without the candidate’s knowledge and authorization.